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The Cup and The Crown

web cover smallBeloved Friends, once again, the Lord began to give me new songs near the end of 2021. The theme that began in my heart was Yeshua's 40-days in the wilderness, fasting and suffering. I thought about how the Scripture says More Info »
Price: $15.00


web cover2I am awed to present "Deliverer," this newest collections of songs that the Lord gave me in January, 2021. Due to the present difficulties of international travel, I wrestled hard with planning my summer trip to the U.S. to record More Info »
Price: $15.00

New CD: I Will Go

Jacket.inddI am so grateful to finally release this new project, as it's been a long time till I could complete the recording and production. Travel plans were disrupted, due to the COVID situation, but the Lord helped me get to More Info »
Price: $12.00

Eternal Now

web_cover_SMI am overjoyed to announce this newest CD that the Lord has given to me - Eternal Now. As has been the "normal" pattern for me, I was not expecting new songs, nor even asking for them....but it started early More Info »
Price: $12.00


web_cover_smallThe LORD has done it again! Near the end of last year, a close friend had a dream – to summarize briefly, the dream showed my friend and myself facing an eastern mountain on fire, among a surround of mountains More Info »
Price: $12.00

Home to My Father

Home to My FatherThe Lord has given me awesome new songs again. The themes are centered on the Lord's eternal plans of salvation through Yeshua, and many texts are from Isaiah, concerning the Messiah's manifold ministries. They are very rich in worship and in depth of Scriptural and devotional presentations of the deepest heart issues of our faith in the Lord. More Info »
Price: $12.00

Psalms: A Priest Forever

web_cover_largeGreetings! The Lord has done it again, and surprised me with a new project. These are 9 Psalms, straight from the Scriptures without my adding or subtracting any portion of each psalm. I knew the Lord wanted me to write More Info »
Price: $12.00


Melchizedek HeartNOW AVAILABLE! I didn't plan to make another CD after Song of the Beloved, but the Lord had another idea. In November, 2014, I underwent a fairly serious surgery for a worsening, yet not life-threatening condition. A couple weeks before More Info »
Price: $12.00

Song of The Beloved!

SOSwebsitecoverSmallThis unique CD, “Song of The Beloved” is based on Song of Solomon, using biblical texts, as well as my own journey, revelations and poetry. Early in 2013, the Lord had commissioned me to write a new book: a commentary More Info »
Price: $12.00

The Seven Spirits of God

The Seven Spirits of GodJill’s worship CD!  THE SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD I am joyful to present this unusual CD, which was a surprise even to me. Early in 2012, New Zealand intercessor Robert Misst began to receive revelations and teachings from the Lord More Info »
Price: $12.00

The Seven Spirits of God Instrumental CD

CD100_out.qxpFor those of you who are looking for an instrumental CD, this version of the new Seven Spirits of God CD is just instrumentation. It provides long, flowing songs, which give an anointed background for prayer meetings, Bible study, or More Info »
Price: $10.00

Sounds of Heaven

cdcover-soundsheavenby Jill Shannon “Sounds of Heaven” is my newest worship project, and I had not intended to make another CD after “Song of the Lamb.” In November, I received an email from a prophetic intercessor in New Zealand, named Robert More Info »
Price: $12.00

A Part of Me

A Part of MEFROM JILL THIS PRODUCT is NOW OUT OF PRINT. I am sorry to report that this CD is not available on Digital Distribution either. Blessings and my Apologies, Jill “A Part of Me”…the title song of Jill’s first project is More Info »
Price: $12.00

Beckon Me

case-beckon250Jill Shannon “Beckon Me”…Winner of the Golden Artist Award from, this project is a radiant journey into intimacy with the Lord, which highlights God’s eternal covenant with Israel. Jill’s transparent vocals are beautifully related to delicate instrumentals, bringing impartation More Info »
Price: $12.00

I AM the Broken Piece!

I AM the Broken Piece!Jill Shannon The first 7 tracks of this CD contain Jill’s heartfelt recitations of the 7 special prophetic readings found in the original Messianic Haggadah, “I AM The Broken Piece!” The written Haggadah is found as an appendix in the More Info »
Price: $7.00

Remember Me

case-remember225by Jill Shannon “Remember Me” is an amazing download from Heaven of original spiritual songs which present a complete theme and impartation. Presenting a variety of musical styles, lyrics and harmonies, this album expresses the intense yearning in God’s heart More Info »
Price: $12.00

Song of the Lamb (CD's are now out of print, but digital downloads are still available)

Song of the Lambby Jill Shannon This is an unusual worship project, where I moved into new types of harmonies and poetic expression. Each of my worship CD’s has been a progressive stepping stone along my journey into intimacy with the Lord, and More Info »
Price: $0.00

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