Sad Emergency Announcement from Jill

by Jill Shannon on July 27, 2022

Dearest Friends,

On July 26th, 2022, massive rainstorms caused flooding in St.Louis, MO, and in many other regions, as well. All of my inventory – my books, Cd’s and DVD’s, have been kept in the house of close friends in St. Louis.
Yesterday, due to the flooding, all of my inventory of products have been destroyed by the water.

Obviously, this is a hard event for me, to see so much lost. But when these terrible things befall us, we have to lift up our heads and trust the Lord. However, I just learned the good news, that my newest book, “Pathways to our Destiny in God: Restoring the Wounded Soul” – was preserved.

This is because I had just ordered my first batch of this new book, and they were delivered in the flood yesterday, and left on my friend’s porch. He returned to the house later, and found that the carton of new books are FINE, and not damaged. This is a miracle.
The website will remain active, but for now, the only product you can order on my website is this newest book, Pathways.
If you wish to donate, that is still available on this site, but I am not asking for donations. The Lord takes care of me so kindly!

Sadly, the large batch of my new CD, “The Cup and the Crown,” was lost in the flood, and I have no more inventory except a few at a friend’s house. For now, all my music is available, digitally, on I-tunes, Spotify, and many other digital distributor sites around the world.
All of my books are available on Amazon or Google Books, and possibly some other places.
So you can still get physical books from these sources, as well as e-books.

The teachings, books and worship music our Lord has given me, are NOT destroyed.
But my physical inventory is lost. However, all these works are preserved, and I will not lose heart.
Thank you for all your love and support of this ministry. It means so much to me. Praise our God.

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