New CD: I Will Go


I am so grateful to finally release this new project, as it’s been a long time till I could complete the recording and production. Travel plans were disrupted, due to the COVID situation, but the Lord helped me get to the US this summer, 2020, and the work is complete.

The themes are our Destinies from the Lord; His commitment to our future; the Priesthood that we walk in, without always recognizing it; and the precious revelation of the Lord Yeshua’s voluntary sacrifice to leave Heaven and come down to this broken world, to redeem a people for His Father, and to ransom a Bride for Himself.
The completed CD’s and digital distribution of these new songs should be available by mid-September, 2020.
I hope they bless you!

****Sorry…this CD cannot be ordered from this website, due to losing my inventory in the floods in late July, 2022. However, you can download this album on i-tunes, Spotify, and all digital distribution sites. You can also download individual songs. The lyrics for this CD are on this page for download, so if you download the music from a digital site, you can get the lyrics right here, to go with the new music. My apologies for this inconvenience.

Listen to Clips Below:

Joshua’s Song (clips 1 and 2)

There Is A Future (clips 1 and 2)

I Will Go (clips 1 and 2)

Live (clips 1 and 2)

On The Cross (clips 1 and 2)

Garden-Of-The-Lord (clips 1 and 2)

In His Image (clips 1 and 2)

Make Your Glory Known (clips 1 and 2)


Price: $12.00
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