by Jill Shannon on June 18, 2024

Dearest Friends,

I’m excited to offer the newest songs the Lord has given me.
Last summer, after I had finished the Ephesians:One Hope project, the Lord gave me new songs about perseverance and enduring faith. I traveled to the record them in my beloved MorningStar Studio.
I received much help and hospitality during this visit. My thanks to everyone who showed me such love, and who hosted me so generously. And by the grace of God, these songs of encouragement, faith and resolve are now released. We have made physical CD’s that you can purchase, and we will also offer all the usual digital distribution options, as well.
It is called, “I PRESS ON,” and it will help us stay steady, even when such dangerous events are taking place. These songs help to impart wisdom and perspective, in all these distressing events and seeing injustice seeming to mock righteousness, in many battlefields.
Check out some clips of these new songs, and download all the lyrics as well.
Also, click here to order this new CD.
Loving blessings, Jill

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