A Part of Me

A Part of ME

Jill Shannon

“A Part of Me”…the title song of Jill’s first project is one of breathtaking intimacy between the Bridegroom and His Bride. Experience this tapestry of Scriptures and poetry set in Celtic, Hebraic and folk styles.

Track Listing

On the Heights
A Part of Me
Love Song
Im Ta’amdu (If You Abide)
For the Sake of Zion
I Yeshua
Song of Light
Psalm 91
Psalm 23
Encourage the Weary
You are Worthy
In the Shadow of the Most High
Walls and Gates
Ma Tovu (How Beautiful)

Listen to Samples

A Part of Me

For the Sake of Zion

Im Ta’Amdu

On the Heights

Psalm 91

Son of Light

You Are Worthy

Price: $12.00
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