I AM the Broken Piece!

I AM the Broken Piece!

Jill Shannon

The first 7 tracks of this CD contain Jill’s heartfelt recitations of the 7 special prophetic readings found in the original Messianic Haggadah, “I AM The Broken Piece!” The written Haggadah is found as an appendix in the back of her book, “A Prophetic Calendar: The Feasts of Israel” Jill created this CD to be an optional accompaniment to the written Haggadah. As Jill recorded these passionate and intense passages, she speaks against the background of her own original instrumental musical tracks.

When you conduct a Passover Seder using her Haggadah, you can play these tracks as beautiful interludes in the general flow of readings and recitations, and the participants in the Seder will be deeply moved by this musical presentation. The last 7 tracks on the CD provide only the musical backgrounds, without Jill’s spoken voice, thus allowing participants the option of reading the passages themselves, while enjoying the spiritual enhancement provided by background music.

Track Listing

First Reading: A Banqueting Table
Second Reading: Redeemed from Slavery
Third Reading: The Afikomen
Fourth Reading: A God of Distinctions
Fifth Reading: The Substitute Lamb
Sixth Reading: Thinking of Others
Seventh Reading: The Cup of Elijah

Listen to Samples

The First Reading

The Second Reading

The Third Reading

The Fourth Reading

The Fifth Reading

The Sixth Reading

The Seventh Reading

I’m so sorry, but during the floods of July, 2022, all my inventory was destroyed. These CD’s are not available now. However, if you would like me to send you the audio files, for your own Passover gatherings, please email me at:
I will be glad to send them to you, as my gift.
Loving blessings, Jill

Price: $7.00
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