The Seven Spirits of God

The Seven Spirits of God


I am joyful to present this unusual CD, which was a surprise even to me. Early in 2012, New Zealand intercessor Robert Misst began to receive revelations and teachings from the Lord about the role of the Seven Spirits of God in these last days. He shared with us about these awesome Spirits, sent into the earth in Rev. 5:6, for the purpose of preparing the Bride for the return of the Bridegroom. I learned of the role of the Seven Spirits in creation (see Proverbs 8 and 9), in the ministry of the Lord Yeshua, and in the restoration of the earth during the Millennium.

The Lord inspired me greatly in these teachings, and I found myself writing seven new songs.Within two weeks, all seven of these songs were written. This CD contains in-depth teachings, Scriptural readings, and poetry about the Seven Spirits, and all of their awesome work in adorning the Bride, preparing us for our destinies in the Millennium, and transforming the earth and our own hearts. It is intimate yet majestic.

The cover art was painted by my dear friend and amazing, Spirit-filled artist Nancy DeWind. It is a breathtaking piece of art, and Nancy’s description and explanation of all of the symbols in her cover painting can be read here. Click here to read explanation of cover art. Prints of this art will soon be available for sale on this website.

Watch this youtube clip of track 3, “Counsel and Might.”

INSTRUMENTAL VERSION ALSO AVAILABLE! Perfect for prayer meetings, quiet time and Bible study, I’ve also produced this same CD with only the instrumentation, and have created a smoother, less percussive sound for peaceful background. To purchase The Seven Spirits of God Instrumental, go to the Music Page, and click on the instrumental version of this CD.

Listen to Samples

Wisdom and Understanding (clips 1 and 2)


The Spirit of the Lord (clips 1 and 2)


Counsel and Might  (clips 1 and 2)


The Seven Spirits of God (clips 1 and 2)


The Fear of the Lord (clips 1 and 2)


Restoration (clips 1 and 2)


Avakesh (clips 1 and 2)


****Sorry…this CD cannot be ordered from this website, due to losing my inventory in the floods in late July, 2022. However, you can download this album on i-tunes, Spotify, and all digital distribution sites. You can also download individual songs.

Price: $12.00
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