Psalms: A Priest Forever


Greetings! The Lord has done it again, and surprised me with a new project. These are 9 Psalms, straight from the Scriptures without my adding or subtracting any portion of each psalm.
I knew the Lord wanted me to write music for the specific Psalms He would show me to compose. Each one carries a specific prophetic message for the last days’ people of God to be equipped. I am awed by how the Lord helped me to record this so quickly. ┬áThe arrangements are at times simple, but also full of strength and zeal for the truths of these Scriptures. It is a wonderful way to memorize the words of the Psalms for these last days. One of my favorites is the song He gave me for Psalm 91, which I’ve tried to memorize for years, but now it is easy, because of the new music to the entire psalm.
Another of the Psalms is Psalm 110, about the Lord Yeshua’s eternal Priesthood, according to the order of Melchizedek. This song’s title became the title for the whole project, because I am emphasizing His role as the Eternal High Priest of Heaven and the conferred priesthood of all His chosen ones.

My deepest thanks to my precious sister and friend, Nancy DeWind for this awesome painting, “When Thy Love Is All My Knowing,” which graces the cover.

Also, my love and appreciation to my dear friends, Wei Shun, San San, Ernest and Esther Lee, who provided the lovely photos of Ernest playing the Davidic harp, and Esther worshiping with banners in their precious nation of Singapore. They are a prophetic picture of the children’s army of worshipers who are arising on the earth, in the Spirit of the Tabernacle of David “restored.” AMEN!

Check out the clips below for each song, and my love and blessings go with this new music.
NOTE: We have now received the new CD’s from production, and we’re ready to receive orders for this new product. Thanks and blessings!
Much love,

****Sorry…this CD cannot be ordered from this website, due to losing my inventory in the floods in late July, 2022. However, you can download this album on i-tunes, Spotify, and all digital distribution sites. You can also download individual songs. I apologize for the inconvenience.

UNDER HIS WINGS (Ps.91) Clips 1 and 2

YOU ARE MY SON (Ps.2) Clips 1 and 2

THERE IS A RIVER (Ps.46) Clips 1 and 2

THE ROCK OF MY STRENGTH (Ps.62) Clips 1 and 2

A PRIEST FOREVER (Ps.110) Clips 1 and 2

PUT YOUR HOPE IN GOD (Ps.42) Clips 1 and 2

TASTE AND SEE (Ps.34) Clips 1 and 2

A DWELLING PLACE (Ps.132) Clips 1 and 2

FROM HIS HOLY HILL (Ps.3) Clips 1 and 2

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