Song of the Lamb (CD’s are now out of print, but digital downloads are still available)

Song of the Lamb

by Jill Shannon

This is an unusual worship project, where I moved into new types of harmonies and poetic expression. Each of my worship CD’s has been a progressive stepping stone along my journey into intimacy with the Lord, and into increasingly transparent spiritual and musical expression. “Song of the Lamb” (August, 2010) was not an idea I had in mind. I thought I had given my best when I finished “Remember Me.”

However, in the spring of 2010, I began to receive new music from the Spirit of the Lord in the night hours. Lyrics and melodies, and even a new type and level of harmonic composition were given to me as I slept or worshiped while awake in the night. I would often wake myself up and write down what I had heard. When I would go into the studio to record them, I found that many of these individual lines could be sung simultaneously, without any discord, although these lines were not connected to each other, musically or lyrically. I see it as a new type of writing harmony, which has added a depth of sound and richness of blending I have never heard before in contemporary worship.

These developed into five very long “soaking” songs, although they are not traditional soaking music. They are “soaking” in their length and the fact that you can definitely get lost in them in worship and meditation. But they are also complete and deeply satisfying songs, containing much teaching, intimacy and revelation. The songs contain many diverse parts, all “quilted” together, to form a new kind of song architecture. I’m including two clips for each song, but even so, there is more variety in each song that I can present in a clip. Be blessed in joining me in this new journey into heavenly expressions of adoration for our Beloved! The Kingdom themes given to me by the Lord are these:

The Atonement provided by the blood of the Lamb
The Worship of the Holy God in His Throne Room
The Intimate yearning exchanged between the Bridegroom (the Lord Yeshua) and His bride (the corporate Body of the Lord, who are wholeheartedly devoted to Him), as expressed in the Song of Solomon
The undying Love in the Lord’s heart for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people; a song of Scriptures and intercessions for Israel
The perfect Union between the Bridegroom and His Bride. As she finally opens the garden of her heart to Him, the two become One, and she is bone of His bones and flesh of His flesh.

Listen to Samples

A New Part Of Me – Clip 1

A New Part Of Me – Clip 2

Israel’s New Song – Clip 1

Israel’s New Song – Clip 2

Kadosh – Clip 1

Kadosh – Clip 2

My Garden – Clip 1

My Garden – Clip 2

Song Of The Lamb – Clip 1

Song Of The Lamb – Clip 2

I’m so sorry to say that this CD is no longer available for purchase from my website. As of 9/21/2018, there is only 1 CD left at, which is available for purchase. But Song of the Lamb is still available for digital downloads, if you want to download the full album, or just individual songs. To purchase digital downloads for Song of the Lamb, please visit:

I apologize for the inconvenience, and bless all our listeners.

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