The Cup and The Crown

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Beloved Friends, once again, the Lord began to give me new songs near the end of 2021. The theme that began in my heart was Yeshua’s 40-days in the wilderness, fasting and suffering. I thought about how the Scripture says that He grew in wisdom and stature, after his earlier experience in the Temple at age 12. He gradually matured into His full character, courage, maturity, inner strength and future responsibilities. It took great maturity, though He was only 30, to stay patient and kind with His immature, quarreling and impulsive disciples, who were with Him constantly, day and night, in all their humanity.

I thought about our own maturing process, and how Yeshua had to go through this process, similar to ours, though our outward circumstances differ. All this prepared Him for His works that would soon begin. He was tested and matured through this 40-days of suffering in the desert, in the blazing Judean sun, yet cold at night, without food, and very little water, if any.
I realized that none of us can become mature sons and daughters without serious preparation, and in many cases, suffering. Some of these songs are also about our intimate relationship with the Lord, our trials and confusion, our weaknesses and failures, as you have come to recognize in all of my songs.

The awesomely beautiful cover art was lovingly painted by my dear friend and sister, Nancy DeWind. It is called, “Kavod and Tiferet,” which, in Hebrew, means: “Glory and Majesty.” There are many biblical images throughout this cover art, which is a portion of the larger painting. These include the golden Menorah (Lampstand), whose golden branches can be partially seen, in the nested golden arcs scooping across the upper section of the painting, as well as seven white horses. It also includes the breathtaking Song of Solomon imagery, as our Beloved is likened to a stag, or a young gazelle or antelope, running with us on the mountains of our destiny and Kingdom purposes. You can see one of two small hands, stretched out and upward in prayer, although the left hand cannot be seen in this section of the larger canvas. But there are two hands in the bigger scene, representing our reverence to the Lord, in all our ways, as we run with Him forever.

I have now completed the recording and production of this new project. These songs speak of the Lord’s servanthood and His determination to walk perfectly before God, setting an example for us. It didn’t come easy to the Lord to walk through this life, and to handle all the evil that the enemy threw at Him. More than anything else, these songs are joyful and worshipful, and you will feel close to your Beloved, as you enter in to their encouragements.
Loving blessings, Jill

****Sorry…this CD cannot be ordered from this website, due to losing my inventory in the floods in late July, 2022. However, you can download this album on i-tunes, Spotify, and all digital distribution sites. You can also download individual songs. The lyrics for this CD are on this page for download, so if you download the music from a digital site, you can get the lyrics right here, to go with the new music. My apologies for this inconvenience.

Listen to Clips Below:

Forty Days (clips 1 and 2)

For You My Bride (clips 1 and 2)

My Birthday Cake (clips 1 and 2)

The Cup and The Crown (clips 1 and 2)

Eternal Servant (clips 1 and 2)

Deeper Waters (clips 1 and 2)

The Mature Son (clips 1 and 2)

You’re Beautiful (clips 1 and 2)


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