NEW CD! The Cup and The Crown!

by Jill Shannon on June 23, 2022

Beloved Friends, once again, the Lord began to give me new songs near the end of 2021. The theme that began in my heart was Yeshua’s 40-days in the wilderness, fasting and suffering. I thought about how the Scripture says that He grew in wisdom and stature, after his earlier experience in the Temple at age 12. He gradually matured into His full character, courage, maturity, inner strength and future responsibilities. It took great maturity, though He was only 30, to stay patient and kind with His immature, quarreling and impulsive disciples, who were with Him constantly, day and night, in all their humanity.
To read more about these themes and to listen to clips, or order this CD, please click here:

We are very excited to release this new CD, and it should be ready to order in mid-July, 2022.

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