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Dearest Friends,
The Lord surprised me (again!) on the last day of Tabernacles, 2022. A dear friend had a dream, and in the dream, Lord Yeshua was worshiping at my piano. He told my friend (in the dream,): “I have written the music to the Book of Ephesians.”
When I heard that, I understood that this was my next assignment for writing more songs.
He helped me every step of the way.
I did a song for each chapter, but Ephesians has only 6 chapters, so I had to write 2 more songs, to fill up a project that is almost one hour of music.
The 7th song was taken from the Lord’s rebuke to the Ephesian church, in Revelation. And the 8th song, I just needed another Scripture, and the Lord gave me: Hebrews 4 (Today if you hear My voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the wilderness….)
I am so happy about this project. It will be released within about 3 weeks. I am not making any physical CD’s this time, because the industry (CD Baby) will not be selling physical CD’s anymore, and I can’t sell enough to purchase a large batch anymore, nor do I have anywhere to house a large inventory of my books and CD’s.
So this new release will be on all digital outlets: i-tunes, Spotify, YouTube music, pretty much every digital site in all the places and countries that download music. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO ORDER THE CD FROM THIS WEBSITE. You must now download this project (and some of the other projects as well) from i-tunes or any other digital music site. I may still have a small inventory of some of my books and CD’s, and you can email me, in case I could have one still sent to you, as a physical CD or book.
I hope it will bless you, and also it helps us to memorize parts of Ephesians. When I put the Scriptures to music, I often poeticize Paul’s words, without changing any of his meaning or emphasis. I believe it is a worthy representation of Paul’s incredible teaching Epistle to the Ephesian church.
The cover art was magnificently painted by my dear and precious friend, Nancy DeWind. Over many projects, book covers and CD’s, you have been blessed with Nancy’s ever-flowing stream of beauty and revelation, as expressed in glorious artwork. She has, once again, graced the cover of my new “CD,” and this stunning painting is called:
“Our Wedding Crown: Blossom and Fire of the Eternal Diadem”
I thank the Lord for such huge help in writing and producing this music. Listen to clips on the Music Page where this new project is highlighted.
Loving blessings,

Listen to Clips Below:

A Good Inheritance

Heavenly Places

Joint Heirs

One Hope

A Great Mystery

Be Thou Renewed

Your First Love

In The Wilderness


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