Eternal Now


I am overjoyed to announce this newest CD that the Lord has given to me – Eternal Now.
As has been the “normal” pattern for me, I was not expecting new songs, nor even asking for them….but it started early on a December morning, 2018.

At first, I was just meditating on the Lord’s perspective about time, the future, and eternity. I realized that the Lord spoke of the Kingdom of God as an eternal reality, not only as a place to wish for in the future. He spoke in eons and epochs, always showing us the bigger perspective of our short lives on earth. He spoke of “tomorrow,” and told us not to worry about it while it is still “today.” He spoke of a Day that was coming, and of a night far spent.
He taught us that the Eternal Kingdom, which He knew first-hand, was a NOW reality in our spirits, not just a future hope. Lord Yeshua helped us to see the bigger picture of His eternal purposes for us, who would finish our race as overcomers. He taught us about a company of priests and kings who would rule and reign with Him, which we see hints of in the Psalms and the Gospels, but we see the greater fulfillment in His words in the book of Revelation.
All these thoughts and scriptures poured out into my journal that morning, and many more words flowed out, about the end-time army He is raising up, Abraham’s Seed, the Bridegroom God and the Bride who would be worthy of the Son. These words in my journal quickly became songs, beginning that very day, and then, one after another. The Lord enabled me to find music for the words, and within a week, I had almost all of the songs that are now being presented, with joy, to the Lord’s beloved children and bride.
They are rich in worship, Scripture, teachings about the covenants and promises of the Lord, and bridal intimacy with our Beloved.
I pray it blesses you for eternity, and also in your lives NOW.
****THE COVER!***
The magnificent cover that graces this new CD was lovingly and graciously painted by my dear sister and friend, Nancy DeWind, whose awesome masterpieces you have seen on the covers of many of my CD’s that were released before, and also several of my book covers. This cover is so honoring and precious, as it conveys the tears of joy and longing in our Lord’s Bridegroom Heart, and so much more. My love and thanks are ever extended to Nancy’s most generous heart.

Loving blessings,

****Sorry…this CD cannot be ordered from this website, due to losing my inventory in the floods in late July, 2022. However, you can download this album on i-tunes, Spotify, and all digital distribution sites. You can also download individual songs.

Listen to clips of the new songs:

Eternity (clips 1 and 2)

Priestly Army (clips 1 and 2)

Hymn of Praise (clips 1 and 2)

The River (clips 1 and 2)

Hang Onto Me (clips 1 and 2)

If You Feel Alone (clips 1 and 2)

One Husband (clips 1 and 2)

While He May Be Found (clips 1 and 2)

Price: $12.00
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