Israel’s Prophetic Destiny

by Jill Shannon on July 22, 2012

My new book on Israel which the Lord asked me to write will be out on January 1, 2012. with my publisher, Destiny Image. The title is: “Israel’s Prophetic Destiny: If I Forget Jerusalem (Psalm 137)” It is a comprehensive prophetic and teaching course on Israel’s history, future destiny, and the Lord’s heart and Kingdom purposes for His Jewish people. See clip from my new YouTube 3-minute video explaining this new book.

I also filmed a 12-part, high-definition DVD teaching series based on this new book. The DVD series is now available on this website on the “Books” Page. In this in-depth series, I share about the biblical history, covenants and prophetic destiny of Israel. I present the current political and military realities, issues concerning the West Bank, and the future events that will unfold before our eyes. The people of God will receive the needed prayer and prophetic strategies to cover Israel in the days preceding the Lord’s return. These twelve lessons contain over 10 hours of teaching and revelation. The lessons range from 40 to 60 minutes long. Each lesson can be shown at one sitting or Bible study, or the longer ones can be divided into two shorter lessons, covering more than 12 classes, leaving time for discussion after each half. It is a perfect companion to this new book, “Israel’s Prophetic Destiny: If I forget Jerusalem,” which will be out with Destiny Image Publishers on Jan. 1, 2012.


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