Jill’s New Book! Unveiling the Song of Songs

by Jill Shannon on March 27, 2014

I’m so excited to announce the publication of my newest book, that the Lord asked me to write. It is an in-depth commentary on the Song of Solomon, and it is a very comprehensive study on this book of the Bible.

It is primarily designed by the Lord to bring His covenant people much closer to His heart, that we would be equally-yoked in love to Him, a loyal partner He can share His heart with. The Lord desires to have a bride, both male and female, who will love Him with the same passion and yearning, jealousy and affection which He feels for us. We are His inheritance; the prize of His eyes. We are the joy that was set before Yeshua’s eyes as He suffered so much to secure this Bride that His Father chose for Him before the foundations of the world. It is about individual intimacy with the Lord, as well as His larger purposes to rule and reign with His corporate purified Bride of all the ages. We see the bigger picture of where history is going, and God’s eternal purposes, as well as intimate conviction of His desire for us, which is far stronger than our desire for Him.

This new book is now available for purchase! Go to the Books Page…click on Unveiling the Song of Songs for the detailed view and click on “Add to Cart.”
Blessings, Jill

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