Foreword for The Seduction of Christianity

Since reading Jill Shannon’s previous book “A Prophetic Calendar: The Feasts of Israel,” I clearly recognized in her a depth of understanding, intellectual foundation, and prophetic insight that is vital for the end-of-the-age Bride of Christ and the harvest of the ages. Once again Jill has incorporated all of these virtues in her latest book, “The Seduction of Christianity,” and has provided a valuable tool essential in this generation’s preparation for its great confrontation with the armies of darkness.

The Bible is clear that there will be a victorious, overcoming army of God’s people in this last generation, who exhibit the full appropriation of the Lord’s provision of grace and favor purchased through His blood. They will be a company of saints who possess the Lord’s nature and ability and have experienced the grace to overcome the spirit of this age and all opposition, in order to enter this place in God. The book that you hold in your hand is like an equipping manual to help facilitate this reality.

The Seduction of Christianity functions as a clarion call to awaken our generation to its place in destiny and the provisions set apart for us in this mandate. It also identifies counterfeit anointings, false revivals and spiritual tares that function as stumbling blocks to our highest calling, and practical ways of dealing with them.

The evidence is abundant pointing to this as the end time generation. Authentic prophetic voices like Jill’s are emerging with messages of preparation and expectancy for the Lord’s empowering presence. History itself has so worked as to bring us to this place in God’s plan, but unfortunately very few recognize it. Nevertheless, Jill Shannon highlights important Kingdom principles in this book that unravels the mystery of bridal intimacy and awakens the sleeping Bride to mobilize her into a place of power and authority. Jill’s contributions in this book to help make us ready for the coming Bridegroom /King are invaluable. Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly.

Paul Keith Davis
Founder, WhiteDove Ministries

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