Endorsements for The Seduction of Christianity

Endorsements for The Seduction of Christianity

Steven Brooks, Moravian Falls, North Carolina

Steven Brooks:
God has placed within Jill’s heart a capacity to feel the Lord’s passion and jealousy for His Bride. The cry for holiness and sanctification has never been more needed, and Jill’s uncompromising message rings true to the core. Unmasking seductive trends in the church, Jill’s prophetic pen flows sharp and to the point, leaving the reader with fresh clarity and a true understanding of the value of a surrendered life. I heartily recommend this book as a spiritual catalyst for ministers, and as essential reading for all saints who thirst for truth.

Steven Brooks
Moravian Falls, North Carolina

Sid Roth, Host of “It’s Supernatural! TV”

Sid Roth:
We are entering the final hours of this age, and our eyes will see all the end-time prophecies fulfilled in this generation. But the Bride of Yeshua (Jesus) has not made herself ready. Jill’s book is a comprehensive biblical and prophetic equipping manual for the battle-ready company who will overcome!

Sid Roth
Host, It’s Supernatural! TV

Dr. Bill Hamon, Bishop of Christian International Ministries Network

Jill Shannon has written an eye opening book to the true Church. She gives us a biblical view of what Jesus intended for His Church to be, but the majority of the church has fallen below that standard. Read and discover how to ascend back to the place you are to be as a member of Christ’s own beloved Church. The truths found within are an extension of the heart of God to His church. Everyone should read this book and be restored to our rightful place in Christ Jesus.

Dr. Bill Hamon
Bishop of Christian International Ministries Network (CIMN)
Author of “Day of the Saints” and many other Major Books

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