The Seduction of Christianity: Overcoming the Lukewarm Spirit of The Church

The Seduction of Christianity: Overcoming the Lukewarm Spirit of The Church

by Jill Shannon
Published by Destiny Image Publishers, 2010

Endorsements by Steven Brooks, Sid Roth, Dr. Bill Hamon

This book is a mandate to the end-times church, calling God’s people to spiritual preparation. The church is largely unaware of this coming visitation of God’s glory and holiness that will severely expose the carnal and uncircumcised hearts in her midst. His high and holy standards have never changed, and yet the lukewarm and compromised lifestyle is endemic to the household of God.

We are also unprepared to address the needs of a demonized generation who must be harvested for the Kingdom, all within a few short years. The onslaughts and upheavals that will confront this generation require the Bride of Messiah to move quickly into a new level of resolve, discipline and authority. This “training manual” lovingly encourages, warns and equips the true church to overcome the hardships, battles, deceptions and seductions that will assail her as we face the final hours of this age.

The Lord’s key warning for this lukewarm age is:

“Remember the height from which you have fallen! Repent, and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place” (Rev. 2:5).
The Lord’s people need to consecrate themselves, and ask the Lord to circumcise their hearts and cleanse their lips. The Lord is calling His Bride to repent, so that He will not remove our lampstand from its place. Here are the topics covered:

PART 1 – Wisdom and Revelation

1. Equipping the Overcoming Bride
2. He Beckoned Me
3. The Test of Suffering
4. A Change of Destiny
5. The Anonymous Healer
6. Outside the Gates
7. Sexual Brokenness

PART 2 – Worship and Strange Fire

8. The Fear of the Lord
9. A Soothing Aroma
10. Be Holy as I AM Holy
11. Balaam’s Seduction
12. True and False Revival
13. Treading the Winepress


Foreword by Paul Keith Davis


Excerpts for The Seduction of Christiantity


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