The Priestly Songwriter


Did you ever wish you had the skills to write beautiful worship songs?

Our wonderful God is gathering a holy priesthood of worshipers and intercessors from the ends of the earth. We are called to be a royal priesthood before the God of Heaven, and before the nations of the earth. We see this from Exodus to Revelation (see Rev. 5:9-10, 1 Pet. 2:9, Ex. 19:3-6).
This unusual book combines in-depth spiritual and musical training in one comprehensive resource. It includes dozens of practical training workshops, diagrams and exercises, for readers to develop their skills as they read and practice at home.
It is written for those who desire to compose worship music, but who have not had adequate training to feel confident in their abilities. We see from the title, “The Priestly Songwriter” that the Lord is desiring new songs that will be birthed out of heavenly and Scriptural themes, from songwriters who are set-apart for Him, and are not polluted by this world’s counterfeits.
Drawing on my lifetime of experience in teaching, playing, singing and writing music, I’ve written a comprehensive resource that combines musical lessons and workshops with strong spiritual training. In this book, I have opened my “toolbox” and unveiled my knowledge, tips, and revelatory encounters to the reader. When the Lord asked me to write it, I knew it would be specifically tailored to those who desire to express their love, testimonies, and their unique expressions of praise in songs of musical excellence.

It has chapters on the preparation of our hearts and spirits that will qualify us to write these very holy and priestly songs. Also, there are many chapters and in-depth workshops, teaching you all the technical, musical, theory, and songwriting skills you will need to begin. This will help both guitarists and keyboardists, but there is a greater emphasis on keyboard chord theory than on guitar work. I pray it will help many to write the NEW SONG that the Lord is waiting to hear!
It is now available for purchase.


God is restoring His Levitical priesthood in these end times to restore His magnificent glory on earth again. The order of heaven is revealed to people so that they can bring the fragrance of Jesus in their worship. The fragrance of heaven is filled with the Name of Jesus (SOS. 1:3). Worship is not so much just the coordination of musical notes; rather it is to be a pleasing sacrifice out of surrendered and holy vessels.
Music in the hands of an anointed vessel has the ability to minister healing and deliverance to the hearer (1Sam. 16:23). Holy music brings the prophetic anointing from heaven to earth (2 Kings 3:15). Heaven is filled with the fragrance of worship (Rev. 5:1-14; 19:1-8).
This book by my precious Sister Jill Shannon brings the essence of heaven from a soul that is fully saturated in the oil of heaven. I have witnessed the pouring of the oil of heaven when Jill Shannon ministered in our church. When she played the piano and ministered in songs, the Spirit of God fell on the people. An anointing of brokenness and surrender to the will of the Father came upon the people. Uniquely, the anointing Jill Shannon carries released the window of the prophetic anointing as powerful words were delivered with heaven’s accuracy.
We pay attention to the ministry, but God pays attention to the person. In my personal interactions with Jill, her heart is filled with godly fear and she lives in the conscious presence of Yeshua. Tears flow freely when she talks about our Savior. Her love for Jesus is contagious.
Through divine commission this book is written with the fear of the Lord. This book opens the treasure chest of heaven’s possibility on musicians who can be anointed and used by God. Sis Jill Shannon, thank you for being obedient to write this book to restore the heavenly priesthood of worship in the church again. When heaven’s order is right, the glory will fall.
Founder Principal, College of Prophets
Sr. Pastor, Jesus My King Church, Singapore

This book, by our dear sister Jill Shannon, indeed, is very timely. The Lord is going to pour forth a new anointing to enable the people of God—the prophetic remnant, to worship and praise God at a level never before in history. This anointing of praise is the glory that will fill the whole earth (Nu.14:21).
This anointing will enable the prophetic remnant to write songs given by angels and inspired from heaven. This anointing will also enable the prophetic remnant to be caught up to heaven to witness the worship in heaven as the apostle John was privileged (Rev 5:11; 7:9-12).
This book will prepare the way for the prophetic remnant to bring heaven to earth.
Jesus Ministries

For many years worship has been the catalyst that has opened the door to the many spiritual encounters I have had. Some years ago I came across Jill Shannon’s music and I was ushered into the presence of the Lord in a spectacular way! I knew I had found someone who was connected to the very heart of the Father.
A couple of years after I had discovered her music, I was privileged to meet Jill in person. Her life is a reflection of her heart of worship and becomes even more poignant once you meet the vessel through whom the Lord wishes to express Himself.
In her book, she has written a valuable work on how all those who desire to go deeper in worship can move towards that goal. I really wish years ago, when I was leading worship, we could have had a ‘hands-on, how-to’ book like this! It is an invaluable tool for those who want to go deeper, and will become a resource that will be well-used in this hour. I highly recommend all her works, but this book in particular.
Still Waters International Ministries
Author of Gazing Into Glory

Allow me to express myself from a very personal standpoint regarding Jill’s remarkable and insightful book on the Priestly Songwriter.
After numerous experiences and visitations beginning at age four, the Lord took me to Heaven for the first time at age nine. That visit lasted for what I understood to be the equivalent of three days, during which my entire being was saturated with the sound of the praise and worship that permeates Heaven. My whole DNA came alive with the worship, and it has been that way for the nearly 67 years since.
I have been a musician for more than 70 years, and for the past fifty-plus years, a songwriter as well. During that first visit to Heaven, a great deal of the time was spent with David as he shared how Holy Spirit poured the words of the Psalms into his being. What I saw and learned was that in order to be able to truly pour out real praise and worship, you have to become that worship yourself. It was what enabled me to subsequently put many Scriptures to music – a good number of which became a part of the Charismatic Renewal.
Jill has captured the essence of that experience in her writing. Holy Spirit has enabled her to express things in the most practical way. If there is a constant theme within this book, it is the absolute need for intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ. As Jill accurately states, there are far too many “Christian” songs that are just words. They don’t come out of a heart of worship, and they don’t come out of a heart of praise. They sound good, the words may flow together just fine, they say all the right things, but there is no anointing of Holy Spirit on them.
She rightly states that “The Lord knows the heart of each worship leader, singer, musician and composer.” She continues with, “He knows what motivation birthed a song, and He is not impressed with the popularity of a song, nor its appeal to our flesh.”
Jill’s description of the priesthood and its bearing on this kind of songwriting couldn’t hit the nail on the head any more accurately.
This is not a book for the casual Christian. This is not a book for the casual “praise and worship leader.” This is an important and needful book for this coming generation of worshipers and worship leaders. I can’t recommend any book more than “The Priestly Songwriter” for anyone who truly has a heart to lead people into the presence of the Lord.
Blessings on you.
Psalmist, Author, Pastor

“The Priestly Songwriter” provides intimate insights into the journey of a gifted and anointed psalmist. In this book, Jill Shannon has poured out the years of spiritual and technical lessons that she learned along the way to becoming the skillful and ready writer of spiritual songs that she is today. For those who are hungry to follow a similar path and desire to compose songs with excellence that will bless the heart of our King, this book is a treasure.
Worship Leader, Founder, Ascend Music, Israel

This book is a gem for worshipers, worship leaders, and musicians alike; like a textbook for a modern day Levite, Psalmist and those who minister to God through songs and musical instruments.
Being a worship leader and a musician myself, I always find resources to learn and to teach others about music and worship. There are many musicians and singers out there in the church, but not many are consecrated and set apart as a priest and a psalmist before the Lord. In this book, Jill brings the readers from the very heart of worship, from basic to advanced level, spiritually and skillfully. I believe that this book will help many to ascend in worship and to train worshippers to be equipped in the coming days.
Worship Director, Jesus My King Church, Singapore

As a singer, songwriter and worship leader, I was deeply blessed by Jill’s new book, “The Priestly Songwriter.” I don’t think there is any other book or resource available anywhere that gives potential songwriters and musicians so much genuine “hands-on” help and encouragement. Many of us who have been gifted by our Creator with the passion and the ability to write worship songs, and draw others into worship, have not had anyone to teach us about music theory, and give us all the details on how to structure songs and to meld words and melodies together.
Jill has poured out on the pages of this book a treasure of heavenly wisdom on creating genuine musical worship. All those who, like myself, seek to pour out their lives as an offering before our Bridegroom-King, will be richly blessed by this ground-breaking book.
The time for “playing church” in old, worn-out patterns is over. It’s time to sing unto the LORD a new song!

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