No Fear for My People


The Lord has given me a new book, which I wasn’t expecting. In the early months of 2019, the Lord showed me a title, which I understood to be a book He wanted me to write. I saw, “No Fear for My People.” Then I saw a little vision of someone writing a review of this book, which did not yet exist….and so the journey began.
I consider myself to be one of the most worried and fearful people I know. But the Lord has begun to teach me the spiritual principles of overcoming fear. I’m learning how to fight this battle and I’ve seen that it is absolutely possible to win, no matter how weak we are. Fear is one of the greatest enemies of our souls in the course of our lives. It robs us of our intentional pursuit of the Lord’s goals for us. Even if we know what He desires from us, we might procrastinate till it is too late, due to fear. Fear plunders our peace and hijacks our destiny assignments. The book of Revelation tells us that cowards will end up in the lake of fire. This is not an option for us! Becoming an Overcomer is very much about overcoming fear, among other negative stumbling blocks.
If we are serving as soldiers, willing volunteers in the Lord’s last days’ army, we cannot be crippled by fear – it will disqualify us. The Lord directed me to write this book.

This book contains a rich and composite treasury of Scriptural support; in-depth Bible study on the Hebrew understanding of the Fear of the Lord, versus the fear of men or of earthly enemies; personal testimonies that typify the very battles we will all encounter. It provides biblical teaching on aligning with the Lord’s position, discovering our destinies, trusting the Lord in desperate situations, and understanding that courage is not the absence of fear.
The chapters also contain deep teachings on the Judgment Seat of Messiah; the necessity of warring in the spiritual realm; cultivating an intimate and transparent relationship with the Lord; identifying areas of hypocrisy hidden in our hearts; how to trust God when our lives may be at stake; living before an audience of One, for the Lord’s eyes only; and obtaining mercy through the Fear of the Lord.

Sometimes God chooses the unqualified, and if they obey, in the very process of obeying the Lord, they become qualified. Gideon is a good example. The Lord called him a “mighty man of valor” when he was hiding in the winepress, threshing wheat out of sight of the marauding Midianites. Gideon felt like a weak coward, but when he obeyed the Lord, he became the most qualified leader in Israel to destroy the Midianites. Actually, the Lord did all the heavy lifting. But Gideon had to overcome fear first and go out to meet the enemy, and God qualified him. May it also be for all of us who battle fear and win, by the Lord’s strong deliverance. Amen.
When the Lord tells us not to be afraid, He also gives us the understanding that He has gone ahead of us and is with us. Whenever the Israelites were embarking on a Kingdom assignment, given directly from the Lord, He had already ordained their victory. He was fighting for them and would not forsake them. But they still had to fight.
Therefore, in order to know He is fighting for us, we too must be intentional about stepping out into His assignments, which He ordained for us to do. We must be about our Father’s business. Thus, He will not let us fight the battles alone, but will stay close to us and help us.
Do not minimize the vital role you’ve been assigned in this cosmic drama between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. The Lord has appointed destiny assignments for every one of us. We were born for such a time as this. We all have a tailor-made calling to fulfill in His storyline! This is not a time for the mundane, for plodding through our work and life, with no wisdom or insight as to the brevity of time before the Lord returns. We cannot afford to be unprepared and caught off guard.
The Lord also predestined for each of us, a unique purpose, which He was pleased to ordain for us, before the worlds were made. In ordaining our purpose, He also prepared for us an imperishable inheritance, according to the counsel of His perfect will.
In one sense, knowing the purpose for which God made us is even more important than overcoming fear. But in discovering His purpose for our lives, we will begin to overcome all our fears, without even trying. Amen.

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