by Jill Shannon on May 21, 2019

The Lord has amazed me AGAIN. I know I say this every time, but it is my true testimony!
I am overjoyed to announce this newest CD that the Lord has given to me – Eternal Now.
As has been the “normal” pattern for me, I was not expecting new songs, nor even asking for them….but it started early on a December morning, 2018.

At first, I was just meditating on the Lord’s perspective about time, the future, and eternity. I realized that the Lord spoke of the Kingdom of God as an eternal reality, not only as a place to wish for in the future. He spoke in eons and epochs, always showing us the bigger perspective of our short lives on earth. He spoke of “tomorrow,” and told us not to worry about it while it is still “today.” He spoke of a Day that was coming, and of a night far spent.

To read more and listen to clips of these songs, or to order this product, click below:

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