Special CoronaVirus Note Regarding Shipments

by Jill Shannon on March 23, 2020

As of March 23rd, 2020, things have gotten very tough/shut-down in the US, from where my products are shipped, to those who order them from this website. Many of the Post Offices are closed, or making it hard for people to get in and wait in lines. Therefore, I cannot at this moment guarantee a timely delivery of any item you would order, whether a book, cd, or video. I would recommend that you wait to order it, or perhaps download one of my books digitally from Amazon, or for my music, from any of the musical digital services, such as i-tunes and CDBaby.com.
When things get more back to normal, which I believe will not be too far off, I’ll post a note here, saying it is fine to order products again. Thanks for your patience, and my love and prayers to all. Jill

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