by Jill Shannon on October 4, 2017

My Dear Friends,
I am amazed to be announcing my newest book….the Lord showed me the title on December 16th, 2016, at 4.00 a.m., while I was in prayer. I saw the title, “The Priestly Songwriter.” I knew what my Lord wanted me to write, so I got up out of bed that morning and started writing it.

Did you ever wish you had the skills to write beautiful worship songs?

Our wonderful God is gathering a holy priesthood of worshipers and intercessors from the ends of the earth. We are called to be a royal priesthood before the God of Heaven, and before the nations of the earth. We see this from Exodus to Revelation (see Rev. 5:9-10, 1 Pet. 2:9, Ex. 19:3-6).
This unusual book combines in-depth spiritual and musical training in one comprehensive resource. It includes dozens of practical training workshops, diagrams and exercises, for readers to develop their skills as they read and practice at home.
It is written for those who desire to compose worship music, but who have not had adequate training to feel confident in their abilities. We see from the title, “The Priestly Songwriter” that the Lord is desiring new songs that will be birthed out of heavenly and Scriptural themes, from songwriters who are set-apart for Him, and are not polluted by this world’s counterfeits.
Drawing on my lifetime of experience in teaching, playing, singing and writing music, I’ve written a comprehensive resource that combines musical lessons and workshops with strong spiritual training. In this book, I have opened my “toolbox” and unveiled my knowledge, tips, and revelatory encounters to the reader. When the Lord asked me to write it, I knew it would be specifically tailored to those who desire to express their love, testimonies, and their unique expressions of praise in songs of musical excellence.

It has chapters on the preparation of our hearts and spirits that will qualify us to write these very holy and priestly songs. Also, there are many chapters and in-depth workshops, teaching you all the technical, musical, theory, and songwriting skills you will need to begin. This will help both guitarists and keyboardists, but there is a greater emphasis on keyboard chord theory than on guitar work. I pray it will help many to write the NEW SONG that the Lord is waiting to hear!
It is available for purchase below. Also, you can go to the Books page to see the full view of the front cover and after clicking on The Priestly Songwriter, you can Add to Cart there as well.
The e-book version is already available on Kindle and other sites….


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